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Discover the new realm of DeFi with Ethera X

We offer revolutionary crypto debit cards, decentralised wallet, exclusive utility NFTs, effortless staking, and a suite of innovative utilities. Seamlessly merge traditional spending with digital assets through our crypto debit cards. Unlock unique privileges and benefits within our ecosystem using Utility NFTs. Earn passive income while securing our network through intuitive staking options. Join us in reshaping the financial landscape through decentralized solutions. Ethera X is your gateway to a limitless financial freedom.

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Ethera Cards

The Ethera Card provides a streamlined crypto transaction platform that enables users to effortlessly purchase, sell, and utilize EtheraX Tokens without prior conversion. It facilitates swift wallet-to-wallet transfers and accommodates multiple wallet accounts. Additionally, Ethera Card provides the option to spend traditional fiat currencies

Ethera Wallet

Ethera Wallet presents a top-tier Cross-Chain Dex that consolidates liquidity from over 200 sources spanning diverse networks. This empowers users to effortlessly hold and swap between chains directly through their wallet. It furnishes user-friendly fiat on/off ramps that facilitate the smooth buying and selling of crypto, along with NFT Storage capabilities.

Ethera NFTS

The exclusive NFTs we offer are an integral component of the Ethera X Defi Ecosystem, primarily designed to leverage the utilities provided by Ethera X. The proceeds generated from these NFTs will be entirely utilized to repurchase tokens, which will then be redistributed to the community through diverse activities like staking and farming.


Put your assets to work by staking your EtheraX tokens and earn rewards. Select your preferred staking duration, which can range from short-term to long-term commitments, depending on your investment strategy. Monitor your staking performance in real-time through our intuitive dashboard.

  • Holders: 69%
  • Liquidity: 12%
  • CEX listings: 8%
  • Staking: 8%
  • Reserves: 3%
Token Name - ETHERA X

Ticker - $EtheraX

Blockchain - ETH (ERC20)

Total Supply - 100 Million


BUY - 2% Marketing

SELL - 2% Marketing | 2% Development | 1% Team

OUr Roadmap

Ethera X Roadmap

Phase 1

- Launch on Uniswap - CMC and CG Listing - Staking - CEX Listings
August 2023

Migration and Launch

- Migration to Ethereum Blockchain - Audit and Contract Release - Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign - Partnership Announcements
Phase 2
- CEX Listings - Certik Audit - Fiat On Ramp - Begin Development of Ethera Wallet
September 2023

Planning, Certik & Listings

- Shortlist platform for Crypto Cards - Shortlist Physical & Virtual Card Issuers - Cross promote & build partnerships - Expand Social Media & Brand Presence
Phase 3
Ethera NFT Launch NFT Staking Merch Store Launch Ethera X Wallet Audit
October 2023

Cards, NFT & Ethera Wallet

- Partnerships with Payment Processors - Implement Regulatory Compliance (KYC & AML) - Development of Ethera Wallet
Phase 4
- Launch Ethera X Wallet - Launch Ethera Cards - CEX Listings - ANNOUNCE PHASE 5

Whitepaper, Audit & Lock records

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The Leadership

Dr. Quantum


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Celestial Proton


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